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my 3yr old son snores loudly and has difficulty breathing during

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my 3yr old son snores loudly and has difficulty breathing during sleep to the point of gasping and choking. he is going to see an ENT specialist. Is it likely he will need surgery? Is it likely to affect his development if not treated?

Since how long the symptoms are there? Is there any repeated sore throat or other symptom? Was any test done? Is he on any medication? Is there any other significant past illness?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
has been progressively getting worse over the last 12-18mths has had tonsilitis once in that time. not on any medication and has also had nasolacrimal duct surgery about 12mths ago. no tests done as yet.
Thank you for the input.

In children there can be swelling of adenoid glands which can cause difficulty in breathing. Though tonsils can be easily seen from the front adenoids can be difficult to see. I think ENT doctor is going to evaluate it. It can cause snoring & interrupt night sleep. Medicines like antibiotics are usually prescribed. If those do not help surgery can be required.

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