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I have been ill with the flu/cold for about a week-- really

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I have been ill with the flu/cold for about a week-- really bad cough was the primary symptom. I put myself on Mucinex DM for a 3 or 4 days every 12 hours-- I took the last one 48 hours ago. I am still coughing a bit, but it isn't terrible. I also had my period during that week, but it also ended about 48 hours ago.
About 2 days ago I started getting a pain in my lower right side-- sort of a dull ache. It has gotten a bit worse over the last 24 hours to pretty painful to bend, sit in certain positions, etc. In some positions it is completely unnoticeable. I have had no fever the entire time I was sick and still have no fever. I have no history of kidney issues, but it seems to be right around where my kidney would be. I had my appendix removed in 2003. I have no pain when urinating or blood in my urine.
I am trying to decide if I need to seek medical attention tonight or if I can wait until tomorrow afternoon.

How frequently are you having the pain?

Do you feel any tenderness in the abdomen?

How is your stool?

Have you tried any medicine?

Do you have any other previous illness?

Thank you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have the pain whenever I am in certain positions (bent leg, certain sitting positions), etc, it is fairly constant

no tenderness in the abdomen

stool is a little hard/dry, but passing normally and normal amounts

I have not tried any medicines

I do have Lyme disease (diagnosed and treated in 2007 but many symptoms never went away)

I am also having a headache, but it could be nerves

Thank you for the information,

There is no clear cut picture for diagnosis from your symptoms.

The pain at lower right side of abdomen can come from urinary infection, stone , mesentric lymph adenitis, colitis, pinched nerve, muscle strain etc.

When the pain is more with the movement, muscle strain or pinched nerve is more probable.

In pyelonephritis there can be nausea, low grade temperature, urinary symptoms may not be present, but urine test should give some clue.

Pelvic inflammatory disease should be excluded.

In other conditions like Crohn's, celiac disease, colitis, diverticular disease usually some change in stool pattern is seen.

A few tests like urine examination, stool, blood tests, ultrasound or scan can be necessary to confirm it.

You need to get an examination by doctor.

As the pain is more likely to be from muscles or nerve, till you reach your doctor, at home you can apply warmth.

Taking plenty of water can help in flushing the urinary tract.

Analgesics with anti-inflammatory action like motrin or advil can be taken to reduce the pain and inflammation if there is no contraindication.

Tomorrow morning you can consult doctor if the pain is not severe.

Otherwise you have to go ER for evaluation.

I hope this information helps.

I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification.

Please feel free for any follow up query.

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