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Kerry, Nurse (RN)
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My ankles swell when I drink alot of alcohol. Its only my

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my ankles swell when I drink alot of alcohol. Its only my ankles, and they dont really hurt. I I don't drink the swelling goes down. What could this mean?
Kerry :


Kerry :

Your ankles swell when you drink alcohol. This is most likely due to dehydration that is caused by heavy drinking. Your body gets the message that you are dehydrated and tries to 'save' some of your body fluid by storing it in your ankles. This is also known as third spacing. Your best defense is drink plenty of water before and after alcohol consumption. It is really quite common.

Kerry :



thank you. I really dont drink a whole lot of water, and usually I just end up drinking a coke or a beer the next day (yes I know its bad). I will definitly do that, is there a suggested amount of water?

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Drink at least ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. Elevate your lower legs for 10 minutes each hour, and walk for 10 minutes once every two waking hours. The swelling should subside within a day.
If you truly are a heavy drinker and have done so for a long time, it is possible this is a sign of kidney or liver damage. If it persists, I suggest a trip to the doctor for a check up.