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Pauline, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Medical Doctor & Registered Pharmacist. Worked as Community pharmacist for 17 years.
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May of last year I was diagnosed as having viral meningitis.

Customer Question

Hello all. May of last year I was diagnosed as having viral meningitis. I was hospitalized for for ten days. Was released to come back home. A week later, I went back for a follow up exam and informed the doctors that I did not feel like I was getting better. I was re-admitted and kept another 8 days. I reside here in Stuttgart, Germany and all of the department heads in any hospital here speaks fluent (as most were trained and certified in the U.S.) I went for a follow up 6 months later (CT Scan)and the chief of Neurology said the test looked normal. What I didn't know was, what was normal compared to prior of having VM? But more important for me know is that I believe I am suffering from a slight learning and possibly speech impediment. I feel that I am not retaining information as a read and study but more telling is that I feel my speaking is rushed and I am stumbling over words. I notice it and my wife does, but I was just thinking that I am just talking fast to get my point out or across, but I am changing my opinion of that. I realized that this was a long email, but I am truly concerned and just wanted some opinions from the professionals.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Pauline replied 6 years ago.
Pauline :

You have have been left with post viral complications possibly affecting speech production and memory, these are two different areas. It can take time for people to fully recover from a serious infection and it may be helpful to see a neurologist for some simple word tests to see if anything can be quantified.

Pauline :

The CT would have looked for signs of fluid in the brain or a mass effect, so no major problem was found however if you had any additional problems such as movement or sensation problems then I would suggest a MRI brain.

JACUSTOMER-9l3s3j9r- :

I am heading to the states for short trip (Houston) for eight days, should I try to see someone then?

Pauline :

You could ask to speak to a neurologist, although ideally you should see the same doctor so that he/she can assess how you are progressing from visit to visit. Also if you do see someone in USA, then you should ask for copies of your medical notes to travel with you so that your US doctor can see the history.

Pauline :

This may be something that will continue to improve over time, but you may find that some complications of meningitis do not return to 100%. It may be that some 'brain training' exercises will help...start with simple games and then over time start to challenge yourself. But do not get stressed if things don't go well. You will have good days and bad days from time to time.

Pauline :

I would also suggest a speech therapist if you find that speech production is a particular problem/