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Gastroenterologist-surgeon. I need fundoplication surgery

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I need fundoplication surgery for GERDS and a hiatal hernia.
I went to one surgeon who wanted the perform the standard fundoplication procedure.
I've read online aobut teh TIF procedure. transoral incisionless fundoplication.
It look like a great way to go with much shorter recovery time.
Im just looking for independent opinions about this, as it is relatively new.
If there is a porblem, can it be changed, altered, corrected or whatever?
Fundoplication surgery when successful has very good benefits; shorter recovery time, less severity and frequency of symptoms of GERD, less use of medications etc. However, that is when it is successful which is 6 out of 10 people. This surgery also poses some risks such as difficulty swallowing, heartburn returning, bloating, infection, etc. If this procedure needs to be repeated, second surgeries are more risky, more difficult to do, and less successful.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
are you referring to the standard fundoplication or the TIF?
My answer was for the standard fundoplication surgery. The TIF is a new procedure and its long term follow up results (more than 2 years) are still not available. Also it is not widely available as very few surgeons are familiar with the technique. However whatever studies are available for TIF procedure, it looks promising and better benefits to side effects profile than standard fundoplication procedure. If you are able to find a surgeon that performs TIF in your area, you should discuss the risks and benefits and her/his personal success rates of TIF.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok thx. I have an appt with a trained surgeon next week

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