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Every now and then my ear will start ringing and sometimes

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Every now and then my ear will start ringing and sometimes it'll be soft and other times it'll be loud. Right now, my left ear is ringing and has been since last night. I plan on calling my doctor to ask him about this, but I'm unsure of what to ask and it's the weekend. What can I do to stop this now? Thanks.

How long are you having the symptoms?

Do you have any cold or other symptom?

Do you take any medicine?

Do you have any other previous illness?

Thank you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sometimes the ringing can last a few sec to one day-like right now. It's been ringing since last night around 1100pm. I have year round allergies and a slight cough. The medications I take are Yaz and Ferrous Sulfate. I have Anemia. I had a laproscopic procedure done about two years ago; and I recently had tendonitis in my right foot and was given Naproxen and a pain killer(I apologize, I can't remember the name).
Thank you for the information,

The ringing in the ear is called tinnitus.

There are many causes for tinnitus , but some times no cause can be evident also.

The causes may be -exposure to loud sound, ear wax, stiffening of bones of the ear or otosclerosis.

There may be vascular causes like high blood pressure, any blood vessel malformation, or any abnormal flow of blood may lead to this feeling.

Sometimes anxiety , depression or taking of medicines like antibiotics , aspirin , water pills etc. may also cause it.

As you are not having any other diseases vascular cause or otosclerosis is unlikely.

However you should get an examination by doctor as the symptoms are repeating.

Avoiding stress , anxiety & caffeine can be helpful.

Please feel free for any follow up query.

Best wishes.
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