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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  MBBS, MS (General Surgery), Fellowship in Sports Medicine
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Hello Dr. Arun, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! CHEERS!! This is

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Hello Dr. Arun,
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! CHEERS!! This is Wade again. I am pretty much ready to start aggressively persuing my son's situation until he gets some help. I have too much information though and I need to narrow it more still. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done. I think it's all important. What really sucks is all this refusal and rejection. That really slows me down as to what might work the next time. I had a couple questions about records. When all these strep tests and blood cultures are done, there is more to the report than just the pos/neg result sheet, isn't there? If so, are those something that I can request? What about the type of bacteria that shows up when the test for strep is positive? Do I have the right to know and get those too? I have all my parental rights, by the way. And can x-ray results be copied so I could get those to take to another doctor for a second opinion? And lastly, would you be willing to throw me some advice as to what really matters as far as what I should take for evidence to these doctors? What would be the most powerful? Better yet, is there something that would just bring them to their knees instantly? Ha! ha! Just kidding, I suppose but you catch my drift. You know enough about the situation, but you know, he pretty much has all neurological symptoms of something serious. But, I think that is why they won't listen to me. Because if they do, that will mean they missed something. I wish I could review this whole case with you. I'm telling you what, this particular bunch that has been in charge of my son are something else. You wouldn't believe what they missed and/or covered up and/or mis-diagnosed, over/under diagnosed. What's bad is how sickly "routine" they are about everything. It's like they only care about the "easy fixes" and how dare I come with this complicated issue. It truly is unbelievable. So, with that being said, it is even worth my time and effort to try and get them to help? I'm aware of the experts that provide expert 2nd opinions for a living and they are 500 to $1000 per hour. I really can't afford that now. Is that my only option or do I just need to start asking regular pediatricians/nuerologists until I find one that will be willing to look at it? I just don't know. Whatever works is what I want to do. Thanks for your time. Wade

Hello and welcome, Wade.


A very happy new year to you as well.


A strept positive test point that streptococcus is grown and would require antibiotics. A culture test also is warranted many times if the infection is recurrent as it may show the mixed growth of the bacteria which a strept test is unable to identify. You can ask for the test reports and can very well take a second opinion. As a matter of fact all the records should be seen by an independent doctor so s/he can give you a concrete opinion about omission and commission. You must pursue with the regular new neurologist who may just look at the record to point to discrepancies as that would be economical. Most of the mal practice lawyers see the records free of charge and will give you an opinion how you can pursue the case. They have usually knack for these things with their experience of reviewing the records.


It is always great pleasure and privilege interacting you.


Dr. Arun

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your reply Dr. Arun,

It was kind of a windbag of a question. Well, I want to make sure I understand what you are saying.

All the records and x-rays are obtainable and I just need to go ask for them, is that right? Well, I guess I should tell you that when I got his records a couple weeks ago, I did state specifically that I wanted the test results that named what particular bacteria it was that caused his illnesses and copies of x-rays if possible and ALL records for him from everything but, yet again, I just recieved the basic records. What are those additional lab reports called? Is there a name for these documents that I request? I mean you and I both know they are just being difficult and I hate having to ask you about this trivial stuff but I just need to get it done.

And if I understand you right, your saying to just go to a neurologist until I find one that will look at it right? Don't even mess with Cale's regular doctors anymore, correct?

I have talked to a malpractice attorney and I told him that I have all these symptoms on video so he told me to put it together and buy an hour of their time and ask that they look at it. See if they respond and then call him back. So that's what I planned on doing but I guess I had planned on trying to talk to them some more. Or do I just give it to them just to put it in their hands and move on to the next step and not wait or worry about what their going to do? I am thinking the latter probably but If you could confirm or correct what I'm thinking here, I would appreciate it. I'm sorry for bugging you about this but I obviously don't communicate well with these people so I need a little help.

By the way, I think that once I get this expert and attorney to check this out, they are going to peel them apart. I'm saying that out of all my son's records, over half maybe even 3/4 of them correspond with Cale's worst days but the cause was head trauma the whole time. Not once was it ever considered. I think they did know and just chose to not say anything about it which I'm sure happens a lot but anyhow, I'll shut up now. Thanks again for your time, Wade

You are very welcome, Wade.


Ask for the complete metabolic profile and every investigative work up. You posted the complete blood count last time. If you ask for the "everything" and they do not give you all, I think they would be liable for it. So may be, they do it for once but can't do it again.


Yes, go to a neurologist if you can find one and talking to Cale's regular doctor is not worth. Malpractice lawyers usually screen the record without any cost and for a lawyer; records would be more important that the video. They might not understand the symptoms but they would pick up the most trivial lacunae in the medical records with their experience.


My best,

Edited by Dr. Arun Phophalia on 1/1/2011 at 9:55 AM EST
Dr. Arun Phophalia and 5 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX is just awesome. I will take your advice for sure. Well, I am going to lawyers, doctors, police, state departments starting monday so this is it. I thought I would summarize everything kind of and throw it back at you and see what you thought. I have talked to a few other doctors and psychologists on this sight but you were the most help. But it is still a lot of stuff. If you want to read this and reply, I can tip you $50 gladly but that's about it for now. Your help was definitely worth thousands, I'm sure. So thank you and if you stop here, I will let you know when any news or results come.

I feel that I have a scenario put together on all this but I don't know for sure if it's possible and if so, it is going to be hard for people to believe but we already know that.

I have a couple more questions.

1. When you say gram negative stain on the throat culture, That is still a indicator of an infection and doesn't mean it was negative finding, is that right? When the lab reports like at 24 and 48 hours says negative, that means negative everything, right?

2. I would like to go back to when I first presented some symptoms to you in a previous question back on april 26, 2010. My question was: If a child has symptoms as such: Bad headache (first symptom), fever, lethargic (laying around), clumsy, confused, slurred speech, difficulty hearing, and vomiting "lots of red stuff" what would be a likely assessment?

Your answer was: 1. septicemia with curling ulcer (stomach ulcer)

2. meningitis (brain fever)

Investigations would pinpoint the cause.

Well, as I've said all along, I think you've been right all along. There are a few more that I would add to those symptoms (because they are on audio/video and well documented) is that:

0. I believe this is one case for the history books.

1. He was really very sick and he was misunderstanding many things that I said (probably due to the hearing loss) but he also sounded like he was stupid or like he was temporarily retarded or something.

2. He also was easily irritated and easily distracted by every little thing. He was sensitive to noise it seemed as he had to go into a closet to talk to me to keep from being distracted. This really was a bad situation for him but you have to understand his position and the situation with his mother being highly and sickly abusive to him.

3. I have discovered the he has had leg weakness that goes back years but seems to be getting pretty bad lately.

4. He complains of back pain and grabs his butt all the time. Lately, he states that he "has a tight muscle in his back"

5. He is lacking in energy. He doesn't even go out for recess most of the time.

6. Bags under his eyes.

7. The clarity of his speech has fallen.

8. He had sinusitis as it turns out for at least 8 to 10 months and possible 1 to 1 1/2 years. I am assuming that it was sinusitis that was causing horrible rotten breath that he had for months before I took him to the doctor and the ct scan showed sinusitis on Feb. 22, 2009. Well, the doctors never did nothing about it and I don't really know if it went away or not but I don't recall that he had the ongoing bad breath. I had another ct scan done on Nov. 1, 2009 but according to a doctor on this sight who looked at the scans says that the second one did not show the sinuses so we don't know if it cleared up or not. 8 months after that, Cale mysteriously get pulled in to the clinic for a "checkup" and something shot up his nose on the same day that I called the radiologist to ask him to look at the ct scans closer in which he says he did and it was "normal besides sinusitus". OOPS, I think he forgot something.

9. I did get ahold of a pediatric neurologist on this sight from a prominent institution here in the states and he looked at the ct scans as well and was very concerned for Cale. He had mentioned metachromatic leukodystrophy and other issues may be going on here.(I pray not) He even called a university here in Nebraska for me but was unable to speak on cale's behalf and J A's policy limited him from doing anything more.

10. The neurologist also looked at some video clips that I sent asking about siezures and/or posturing. He said that he seen the posturing and other issues while cale was trying to play soccer.

11. Cale is right side dominant but he now only kicks with his left foot (just not very good)

So, I know that's a lot of stuff but it was/is all happening plus all the other illnesses with the pharyngitis, leukotitis, and the behavioral diagnosis. Man, this poor kid. I get more disgusted my the minute when I think about the level of treatment he is recieving. I just can't believe it. Anyhow, that brings me to my question about the puking up "lots of red stuff". I didn't really know at first about the ulcer because I think it's hard for a layperson to understand all the physical problems that stress causes. But I think I figured out what put him over the edge if this ulcer was caused by stress. A family assessment report was finished and then shared with CPS and the report was relayed to me and I assume his mother. Well, in that assessment, it says: Cale has stated that his mom is hitting him and that his dad knows this and tells him that she does bad stuff to him. (The thing that they must no understand is that my son didn't even know that it was actually "bad" until I told him it was because he had been putting up with it since he was a couple months old.) (He even chewed me out for not telling him sooner after he told me she was doing this) He states his mom hits his face with her bare hands. He also states his mom has said "I wish you would love it here and hate it at your dad's house." He states his mom does this at night when she thinks he is sleeping. During the interview Cale wanted the interviewer to call his dad and tell him what he had stated but not to call his mom and tell her. He stated his mom should not get into trouble but "we" (meaning his dad and he) are just trying to make it better.

Well, That is exactly what he told me, the school, CPS and everyone else. I know it's sick and unbelievable but it's true. And what do thes people do-- they go and tell his mom. Absolutely un-freaking believable!!!! This was after I tried to re-assure him that no-one was going to tell his mom even though he was not sure. Well, it turns out that he was right even after he begged these people not to tell her also. I am just disgusted by this reckless behavior. What were they thinking? I don't know but that late in the game, and a person who would ever do this in the first place learns that the child has told everyone of this sick, horrible type of maltreatment that she been practicing but kept it a secret for years, what do you think she is going to do to the child behind closed doors? Dr. Arun, I know it's pretty deep but stick with me here. We are almost done. When I think about that, I can almost see Cale's face when he sees that she knows and I would almost bet he fainted. Which brings me back to the red stuff. You are familiar with the picture he drew of his brain in which he stated "it's blood around it or spilling out of it."

He also stated 2 weeks before this particular illness that "it felt like my brain hit my skull inside my head" and that "it felt like it split all the way open on the top and then they stitched it back up with stitches." I seen how he was acting and protecting his head and something was DEFINITELY going on in there. The symptoms also line up with a pediatric stroke which the neurologist didn't disagree with but............................

Well Doc, what do you think? Missed or partially treated recurrent meningitis? Septicimia with ulcer? Is a stroke possible? Is it possible that this "red stuff" was that coffee grounds stuff that they talk about? Is that dried blood or brains or what is it exactly? One thing for sure if you read all this, you can problably say "that's what I told him in the first place." It's been a pleasure to correspond with you Dr. Arun and again I can't thank you enough. You are very good at what you do and keep helping people cause your a true "expert" at it. I will let you know when a end result to this or news of importance arrises here but I won't bug you till then as you've done your part. Thanks, Wade

Hello Wade,


It is always a great pleasure in assisting you. I can understand you are working for a definite cause.


Gram negative strain still means infection. If nothing is grown after 24 or 48 hours, it means culture is negative.


I do understand that Cale has undergone a lot. I appreciate that you have been doing your best. I distinctly remember the diagrams he had drawn about his brain. And those truly mimic his internal feeling, his symptoms and what he has undergone. Curling's ulcer, meningitis are some of the definite diagnosis for his condition. I am not sure about the stroke but meningitis can cause weakness in the limbs, speech problem, butt/back pain, bags under eyes and behavioral problem.

He need a pediatric neurologist care and under your supervision.


It is great privilege assisting you.


Dr. Arun

Dr. Arun Phophalia and 5 other Health Specialists are ready to help you

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