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I have one question, in a nutshell - I have had a Upper

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I have one question, in a nutshell - I have had a Upper Respiratory Infection, which was cleared up but near the end, I experienced lots of coughing, some dry and some with phlem.

My question is, I am experiencing a very sore spot, just under the left breast and under armpit. Sore like a muscle pull. I went to my clinic doctor today and my blood pressure was 110/76 and the Oxygen reading from the finger device showed 99. She listened to my lungs they are clear.

It doesn't hurt except when I cough and when I lie completely flat. The pain is tender.
No pain in arms and I don't smoke or drink.

What do you think it might be? Thank you.
Well, of course it is impossible to diagnose anything over the Internet, but given that you went to the doctor today, and your vital signs were OK, and your lungs were clear -- that this could simply be a muscle "pull" due to your previous episode of coughing.

Many people, with extensive coughing -- can strain the intercostal muscles (between the ribs), and thus have soreness and pain, especially with stressing the muscles (such as coughing).

And the fact it is tender as well suggests the pain is related to the muscles of the chest wall.

So, it would seem that this should improve on its own over a couple of weeks.
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