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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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I have fibromyalgia. My regular medication was just recently

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I have fibromyalgia. My regular medication was just recently pulled off the market(Darvon/propxephene). I am looking for another drug to replace it. I am allergic to tylenol and codine. My doctor prescribed nucyntal for the next 2 weeks til I can do some research and find something similar to the darvon. I do not want to go up to a triplet script medication. The darvon did not make me tired and did not affect my daily activities. What else is on the market that I could use to replace my darvon. I was on it for 7 years, but before that was bedridden with pain for 2 years. Could someone given me some names of as many replacement medications you can think of. I like to research the medications and make sure I am not allergic. I tried vicodin for a surgery and it did not work after the 3 rd pill. It is also very addicting so forget vicodin or oxycotin. I need to function so I can live with my disease. any ideas formedications in pill form??
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 6 years ago.
Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer Health.

The only medication with a similar profile to Darvocet (as far as scheduling and addiction) is Tramadol (the generic name), which is also sold under the name Ultram or Ultracet (trade name).

It is made in combination with tylenol (acetaminophen), or without tylenol, similarly to how Darvocet was a combination product, and Darvon was the name for the medication (propoxyphene) without acetaminophen.

Other medications given for pain relief for fibromyalgia that are not strictly analgesics but have some analgesic properties are Gabapentin (Neurontin), Lyrica (Pregabalin). These drugs work by decreasing the sensitivity of the nerves.

Cymbalta and Effexor (of the SNRI class of antidepressants/anti-anxiety medications) have also been shown in repeated studies to help control the pain of fibromyalgia. The SSRI's antidepressant/anti-anxiety medications are known to assist with pain relief as well.

The medication that your doctor has prescribed for you is interesting, but is a more strictly controlled medication than the Darvocet or Tramadol are. Interestingly, Tramadol which has effect on opiate receptors, is also known to effect Seretonin, which I have read Nucynta does as well. So these medications should be taken with care when given along side SSRI or other medications effecting the seretonin system, although this does not mean they cannot be taken together - precautions to watch for signs of seretonin syndrome would just need to be monitored or doses adjusted as needed.

There are of course the NSAID's, such as Ibuprofen, naproxyn and others. These medications decrease inflammation as well as decrease pain and can be quite helpful. One must take them with food in the stomach, and these medications may not be useful for those that have gastric reflux or other conditions of increased gastric acidity.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I recieved your response and appreciate all the time you took. However I could write a book on all the pharmacology used for fibromyalgia. Actually it will be a chapter in a book that I am writting. I have tried tramadol or ultram which worked only in the begining of my fibro be for it progressed. I also tried the other medications you recommended. I had a very strick drug plan that took a long time to find. Darvon was part of it and I need another pain reliever to replace it. Not a anti inflamatory I have that. Not an nasaid, not a anti sezure med, nor a SSRI. My drug plan and doctor have already considered those. I need a pain reliever that is in the same catagory as darvon. I research nucynta and already do not like what I hear concerning side effects. I did not want something that strong. Heres my drug plan that took 11 years to find: Prozac 80 mg for pain, Imipramine 40mg for rem sleep at pm, provera 10mg for hormonal headache, Vesicare 5mg for pelvic floor disorder, Skelaxin 200mg only when needed for muscle spasms around heart, Provigil 50mg for narcolepsy cause by sleep apnea every other day, Fentanyl patch 100mg every 3 days more if I can strech out the time based on pain, and lastly 3 times a day am noon, and pm darvon, I sometimes can skip the am and maybe noon dose if I am in some remission. However I really need something like darvon so I can cut down on fentanyl. I also time the fentanyl so I do not use it on days I work. About 2 days a week it is at high enough levels that it makes me tired. The darvon is for my days 5 days a week when I am active or for break thru pain during flare ups, which can occur for many reasons. Is there some where I can research the anagesics in the darvon catagory on line or a current drug book??? I really need to find something close to darvon. I went thru this when darvon compound was pulled. It was a problem too I am not the type to give up or I would have died from fibro a long time ago. There is got to be something out there?? Forgive my spelling I have not been on darvon for a few days and the nucynta is on order so I am in a lot of pain. Please email me with your 2nd answer. Thank you for your time

JD Brock PsyD

Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 6 years ago.
No there is not anything else like darvon. i will opt out so that other experts can see if they can help you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Is my question being passed on or do I have to reask it??


Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 6 years ago.
I had opted out so that others could see it (which they could - it pops up on the page for other experts the moment that I opted out). I don't know if you meant to pay me, but this will often discourage other experts from answering. It might be best if you open a new question now, but it would be helpful if you list all the medications you had said that you had already tried that do not work (you could cut and paste if that will make it easier). There is also a pharmacy section here where you could place your question. I don't believe, there is any thing else similar to Darvon available, but someone might have another suggestion for you.