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What would cause a childs ears to protrude outward extremely

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What would cause a childs ears to protrude outward extremely besides trauma? I'm talking about photographs of a child where if you take a protractor and measure the angles of the ears, there is a 15-25 degree difference between what I believe the child's head to be swollen up and what looks to be normal. That's a heck of a difference don't you think? What else could cause this besides scalp swelling? I know it's not natural because they are intermittant over time. These are straight on shots when taken with the camera. Thank you for your time.
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This is certainly unusual.

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One thing that comes to mind is enlargement of the lymph nodes in the surrounding area.

MD doc :

Or possible recurrent salivary gland enlargement

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However certainly unusual finding

MD doc :

Should be physically examined by a local doctor,

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
OK. I know you prefer to help with live current situations and you guys are great at it and help tons of people and children and I aplaud you for that. You and many others have helped me a lot on this site too. I love this site. However, I am in a situation that is difficult because I don't see my son right now. But he is still hurting. I just can't do anything besides figure out what went wrong in the past and when. So, I kind of use this sight as a source simply to safe myself hours of research as well as answering my current questions on my son's health and I think it works well. So, I need a little bit more specific information if you could. I wish I could take him to a specialist but that is my goal too. Where exactly are these lymph nodes located? Thanks
I am glad that Just Answer is of benefit to you, that is our ultimate goal :)
The lymphnodes are located just below the angle of the jaw, and also just behind the ear.
Again without a medical examination these are just possibilities, and we can not be really sure about the cause of the intermittent ear protrusion,
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I understand and possibilities are acceptable as it is impossible without seeing the patient. What about csf fluid? Is that possible? Does the brain swell up? If a child was hit in the head every other day and his head swollen up, is it possible that it would delay the sutures closing? I know it sounds crazy but this is a bad situation and I am trying to figure out what is possible and whats not. What age do the sutures close normally?Thank you.

That is not a likely possibility at all,
For multiple anatomical & physiological reasons, it would not happen this way,
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