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I am a 50 yr old woman, peri-menopausal. I recently found

Resolved Question:

I am a 50 yr old woman, peri-menopausal. I recently found out I have Osteopernia and a teensy kidney stone. I want to immediately boost up my Calcium and Vit D, but am concerned about too much Calcium and a kidney stone? What would be suggested dosages for both? Additionally, what is diference between Vit D and D3. And is it true that Calcium is better absorbed in some chewable form? Appreciate your guidance. Marla
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 6 years ago.
Anthony Bray MD :


Anthony Bray MD :

D3 is the most active form of vitamin D.This is the form that we take in supplements.

Anthony Bray MD :

In our body precursors of vitamin D (7-dehydrocholesterol) is converted to vitamin D3 in part with the help of sunlight on the skin.

Anthony Bray MD :

vitamin D3 (what we take as a supplement) is converted finally to its final and most active form within the body to 1,25-dihyrodroxycholecalciferol.

Anthony Bray MD :

With you having osteopenia it would be recommended for you to take 1000 to 1200mg per day of calcium. You may take this as calcium carbonate or as calcium citrate. The latter would be somewhat better absorbed. you don't need to make it chewable this is your choice.

Anthony Bray MD :

The vitamin D you should have at least 400 IU per day. This is often found in combination with calcium because of the frequent need for this combination. You may take 400IU up to 800IU/day and this would help.

Anthony Bray MD :

As for the kidney stones the calcium by itself is not usually the problem. Drinking PLENY of fluids helps. the most common type of stone is calcium oxalate and reducing this from diet may help. Tea is a strong source of oxalate in the diet.

Anthony Bray MD :

Some people excrete a high amount of calcium in their kidneys. If a 24 hour urine showed that this was comnnected to your kidney stone problem then HCTZ a mild diuretic helps to decrease the urinary excretion of calcium and thus stone formation is reduced.

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Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 6 years ago.

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