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Upon doing a digital rectal exam on myself I noticed what

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upon doing a digital rectal exam on myself I noticed what feels like a small "pimple" about 2 inches in. I had an anal pap done a few months ago and it came back normal (showing glandular cells and no high risk HPV). I asked the doctor if she needed to do a DRE at that time and she said no because while doing the anal pap she did not see anything of concern. What could this little bump be and is it of urgent concern? Thank you.

Hello, I am happy to help you today! Use of my answers are for educational purposes only.

That little bump could be an internal hemorrhoid. IF you notice rectal bleeding or it gets larger then you need to go back to your provider and have them do a DRE.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. Can an internal hemorrhoid be 2 inches in?
they can.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Okay, I will continue to monitor it. Thank you. One last question for you as I see that you are educated in this area. I had an external anal biopsy done last year (per my request) for anal itchiness and fear of cancer. When the report came back the doctor assured me it was not cancer and just to treat it symptomatically. This year another doctor read the report and said "koilocytes" were present and it should be monitored. I had high risk HPV present on a pap 7 years ago but have since had normal paps with no high risk HPV detected for 5 years. Also had an anal pap this year with no high risk HPV detected but am concerned about those "koilocytes" changing or meaning a present HPV infection. I have been with my husband for 5 years now and don't know why those bad cells have not cleared out of my system yet. Below is the full biopsy report. Can you please shed some light on it? Thank you.
"Squamous Papilloma with features suggestive of viral etiology. dysplastic changes are not seen."
and in the microscopic description it says "squamous mucosa showing hyperkeratosis with broad papillae and koilocytes, suggestive of viral etiology. the lamina propria exhibits mildly nonspecific chronic inflammation"

Koilocytes are squamous cells that are changing. Sometimes these can change into the HPV virus. But not all do. The body can clear them. It is reassuring that dysplastic changes are not seen. That means that they are a further step to becoming HPV.

As you get older calcites do not clear out of the system as easily, that could be a possible reason that the koilocytes are remaining.

I agree that they need to be monitored but I would not worry about them daily. Many times they do clear up!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
isn't HPV the virus that causes Koilocytes and cell changes though? how can koilocytes "change into the HPV virus"? and what are calcites? Thank You.

HA! Sorry about the "calcites" My spell checked changed it. That should be koilocytes!

Koilcytes are cells that are changing. The HPV virus CAN change them but so can chronic inflammation. But that is why we watch them in case they do change into the HPV. Hope that makes sense.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
oh I the koilocytes could just be from chronic inflammation and not HPV then. That's really good to know! Funny about your spell check. Thank you again!

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