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Celeste NP
Celeste NP, Nurse Practitioner
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Experience:  Family Practice with emphasis in Women's Health, Forensics, Urgent Care, for 14 years.
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I am a 52 year old female with a history of diabetes, high

Resolved Question:

I am a 52 year old female with a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, underactive thyroid, diastolic dysfunction, aortic valve regurgitation and was diagnosed with copd last year. At times my heart rate becomes tachycardic, but nothing like this past Sunday night. I have not been feeling well for several weeks. I have been getting more and more out of breath and getting more and more tired. I was watching television when I suddenly began not to feel well. It started as a burning in my chest and about a half hour later my heart was out of control with a rate of 143 bpm and I was very dizzy. It took about 3 hours for my heart rate to go into the 90's. When I got up in the morning I was still not feeling well, my heart rate was going back and forth from low to high and I called my dr. He took an ecg, but he said it did not show much, but then he listened to my heart for a while and he said I have several extra beats which was not mentioned previously. I also had a stress test 2 years ago which was iffy. I am going back next week for a follow-up. What could be causing this. I need to know so that I can ask the right questions.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Celeste NP replied 6 years ago.
Hello, I am happy to help you today! Use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
It is important that we can get an accurate "picture" of what your heart is doing when it is doing it, so a 24 hour holter monitor would be important to perform.
Also, blood tests to make sure your thyroid is functioning properly as well as potassium/sodium balance.
I would encourage you to go directly to the ER if this occurs again before you have your follow up visit.
With all of the disease processes that you have going on I would also ask for a cardiology consult.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Celeste,

Thank you for responding so fast. I had recent blood tests which came out fine along with a normal thyroid level. In my question, I forgot to mention that I had heart failure three times last year and there is a significant history of heart trouble on my father's side. All the male relatives died in their early fifties. I also experience chest pains at times. When I asked him about getting more and more tired and short of breath, he mentioned something about angina. Can this be? Could the problems with my heart be getting worse. I am under the care of a cardiologist and am scheduled to undergo another echocardiogram in March.

Expert:  Celeste NP replied 6 years ago.
I would never try to undermine your family physician but from what you are telling me, I would really want a 24 hour holter monitor.
AN EKG or heart monitor checks the electrical part of the heart. An echo looks at the mechanical part of the heart or how it pumps.
ANgina is another name for chest pain. It is further classified as "stable or unstable" angina. Stable angina is just what it sounds like, chest pain that is not worrisome. Sometimes medication is given for this to help lessen the chest pain events. Unstable is more worrisome and prompts need for further investigation. I would ask your provider which one he thinks you have.
You might call your cardiologist and ask for a check up sooner in light of your new symptoms.
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