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Celeste NP
Celeste NP, Nurse Practitioner
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Hi I had a sexual partner back in late 08 through April of

Resolved Question:

Hi I had a sexual partner back in late 08 through April of this year. Latter part of Nov of last year I caught a BV and Yeast and have had reoccurring since. I went to my OBGY in Feb and she said I had Hi risk HPV. Then I went all the way up until the end of March and had sex again with same partner and caught another BV and Yeast,I haven't had sex since however around the beginning of August I started to really get irritated on the outside as well as inside with burning but no itching. I notice I couldn't rub it much or it would get irritated. I went to my Ob again and she said I had a wart and saw some yeast gave me a cream for the wart,I used the cream not knowing the side effect was inflammation so I went back to a urgent care and he saw this bump on my Vagina but thats been there for a long time and he said I was having a herpes outbreak.He took a culture on it and it came back negative.I then went back to my OB and got the blood test back and it came back positive for Herpes 1. Since the end of July I have a thick odorless discharge that comes and goes,I went to my ob today and tested negative for BV and yeast however she tested me for herpes again.She did a Biopsy on my skin too and afterward I started to bleed to the point that she had to stitch were she did it at. She said I was bleeding as if I have inflammatory problems..when she opened me up she said she saw some irritation and that's where she sampled from but she mentioned it didnt look like a classic case of herpes test come back Mon..but this week I had a fishy odor but she said she couldn't smell it..the odor comes and goes
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Celeste NP replied 6 years ago.

Whew! You have had a time with this!

Herpes is best detected with a blood test that is Specific for HSV 2. You mentioned that you tested positive for HSV type 1 which is like mouth ulcer not genital herpes. The blood test takes about 3 months to become positive so that might explain why the first time it was negative for HSV2, if indeed you have type 2 now.

You can only "catch" the virus on cultures if you are shedding the virus. Most times you will shed the virus before you have any outbreaks or symptoms so when you collect the culture you can get a false negative. Hope that makes sense to you.

When I am treating a patient with chronic vaginal discharge that is negative for BV then herpes is the next thing that I check for, even if they have never had an outbreak. Almost 75% of the time they are positive for HSV2.

The good thing is that when they take suppressive therapy for the herpes the vaginal discharge decreases and sometimes goes away.

So I would say you need to wait until you get the results which i know is difficult worrying about but then it will direct your treatment.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I got a test in August which said I was positve for HSV1 however when you say it take 3 months to show up..I hadnt had sex since the first week in April and goit tested in August..can it take that long to show?..also can inflammation on the outside of your vagina cause irritation and discharge? The only reason I ask is when I was told at urgent care that I was having a Herpes outbreak he gave me some medicine before my results came back..I took it that Sunday and by that Thursday I had washed with baby wash and it was ultimatelly irritated and I was back burning again and the medicine seem not to help. The Irritation on the outside has never went away but the discharge comes and goes,,and I washed my self down there a little harder this week and then I got irritated and red and start burning....thats when she did a skin graph as well...
Expert:  Celeste NP replied 6 years ago.

You are saying HSV1 was positive. Were you negative for HSV2? Or did they just test for HSV1?

Usually irritation on the outside of the vagina is BECAUSE of the discharge from the vagina. Not always is that the case. Irritation on the outside can also be due to lichen sclerosis but this will be evident from the biopsy that she did. Lichen's can be treated with strong steroids if that is the case.

Irritation can also be from shaving if you practice that.

Until you can find out the results, Just gently wash with cool water and very mild soap. You can also apply desitin cream to help ease the irritation but I would avoid powder.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I was positive for 1 and negative for 2 they did a swap the first time at the urgent care and it was negative that was the first of Aug..I went the next week to my OB and she said to be sure lets take a blood test..she said negative for 2 but positve for 1..and yes I use to shave last year before I start having reoccuring Bv and yeast..but I notice that there are bumps that come every now and then..usually after my period in the same spot and its in the same spots were I use to shave....
Expert:  Celeste NP replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for the clarification. The swab I don't have much faith in due to previous explained reasons. BUt the labs should have been positive in August if last encounter was in April. So you probably do not have genital herpes or HSV2.

If the vaginal discharge is not BV, yeast, or an STD than you are one of the unfortunate few that just get increased vaginal discharge. When that occurs sometimes the outside of the vagina gets irritated due to the difficulty of keeping "dry" in the vaginal area.

Try using the desitin as mentioned, it needs to be the thick Desitin that has 40% zinc. This helps to also provide a protective barrier as well as a healing one. If the bumps are from infected hair follicles you can use Bacitracin cream also but only on the outside of the vagina.
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