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What are all side effects of enalaprol

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what are all side effects of enalaprol

How long are you using the medicine?

Do you have any symptom?

Do you have any other previous illness?

Thank you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i have been on this medication for 4 days . yes i am having severe nausea,very light headed and headachy hot sweats . i started this med due to swaollen legs high blood pressure, nausea, cough, and difficulty abreathing. i have had several previous illnesses,cabbage,pulllllmonary embolism supposedly copd which i highly question, I could bteate just fine untill my heart surgery I haaaaaave had bladder cancer ,clear for 2 yrs now, I just was informed of haaaaaaving a nodule on my lung i will be going to froehdert nest week nov 5. I have precancerous cells in my esophogasI can't tell if the pressure is in my middle chest or in the esophagus area. i amd having pain in my back (mid to upper) i am a diabetic and i haaaaave periferal vassculara disease in my legs where one is ond hundred % closed but doc can't get in aat all for some reason, i almost bled to deaath, he has three stents in right leg. i haaaave several strokes (small not tia s and vascular disease going into my brain

Thank you for the information,

Nausea, light headedness can occur with enalapril.

If the blood pressure goes down, you can feel the sweating, light headedness.

When the symptoms started after the starting of the new medicine, I feel you should have an examination by doctor without delay to find out the cause and management as it is necessary.

Please feel free for any follow up query.

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