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Valarie, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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This is a health question. I have recently noticed that I

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This is a health question. I have recently noticed that I keep getting watery 'blob' type growths on one of my eyelids mostly along the edge of an eyelash where it meets the eye. They seem to go after a short while. I am not prone to eye infections and although I am 64 I have no problems with my general health.
I have noticed that one of the growths has become soft and pliable. It seems to be growing from under a fold of skin on my eyelid and sometimes seems to have gone. I have wondered if it is an insect nest or something. It is not sore. It does not restrict my vision. It seems to be soft and without sensation.
I have been trying to match it to pictures of warts and blisters but it does not match any of them.
Can you help. It is not very large.

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.

The description you are giving of your symptoms sounds like a condition called "blepharitis".

Here is a link that explains: Blepharitis

Some people have very irritating symptoms (redness, swelling, itching, crusting, etc) because of this. Some people have few symptoms other than the little blisters that form on the edge of the eyelid.

You can try caring for this at home by cleaning your eyelids, specifically the edge of the eyelid, with a very clean, warm washcloth. Adding a bit of baby shampoo can be helpful as well. Gently "scrub" the edge of your eyelid, where your eyelashes are, which keeps the very small ducts open and clear. You can also get disposable eyelid scrub pads from your local pharmacy that already have a solution in them. Do this once a day (twice at most) and see if that doesn't clear it up.

The link I gave you also has directions for cleaning your lids.

If this does not work, see your doctor or eye care specialist for further investigation and treatment.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have just been looking through the pages of the link you gave me. Although, thankfully, I do not have any of the conditions in the photos, I do have dryness of the eye

periodically, something I have been noticing, recently.

I have been staying with my daughter who lives on a farm. The farmer uses a mixture of 'light' style surveillance equipment involving radium and plutonium. He is not mentally sound and fires the equipment indescriminately. I notice the 'dryness' in my eyes when he is having a 'mad run', often in the night, when we are trying to sleep.

I have been buying cheap magnifying lenses, too. I have not been used to glasses before, although I do try to disinfect them. Maybe my problem is dust mites. I am prone to hay faver attacks at the farm house which has been there since 1700. I expect it has good selection of resident pests.

Thankyou for your diagnosis. I have read the details about self-treatment.

I am relieved to find out it is not a sign of an eye tumour, today.