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What could al high platelet (431), low mpv (7.1), and high

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What could al high platelet (431), low mpv (7.1), and high lymph (45.6) count mean when on synthroid, metformin, progesterone supplementation, ocassional relpax, and zantac? Infertility/and potential premature menopause.


I need a little more information before so I can give a more accurate answer.

1. Why did you have the labs done?

2. Can you give me the WBC Count, Hgb, and Hematocrit count as well?

3. Please provide the ranges with the abnormal ones as each lab is a little different.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The labs were done as a regular check-up and because I've been on the medications I listed for two years in low doses. Although I only take the Relpax once or twice per month.

WBC-7.1 range: 3.8-10.8

RBC-4.37 range3.8-5.1

HGB-13.8 range: 12-16

HCT-40.8% range 37-47

Platelet-431 range: 140-400

MPV-7.1 range: 7.4-10.4

Lymph-45.6 range: 15-40

Thanks for the additional information.

The Platelets and MPV or Mean Platelet Volume are connected. One will effect the other in other words. Your values are not that far outside of normal at all so these can be effected by a viral infection your body was fighting off.

This is supported by a slightly elevated lymph count. Lymphocytes can fluctuate some on any given day or stress that your body is going thru. They are usually elevated in viral infections.

So it appears that you do not have to be concerned about this now. Your provider may want to repeat these tests in a month to see if there are more changes. He knows your medical history and can better interpret them for you but right now there is no cause for concern.

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