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Last month, I asked for some information for the novel I'm

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Last month, I asked for some information for the novel I'm currently writing. And now, I need a little more detail. The question is: If an anethesiologist has equipment failure, and doesn't recognize it in time to save the patients' life, and assuming that the medical facilty hushes it up, what kind of consequences will the anethesiologist face? Will he be dismissed? Is it possible the hospital would allow him to transfer into their research department?
Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
This depends - if the anesthesioloigst recongnizes the equipment failure and the anesthesiologist does not know of any problems PRIOR to using the equipment the anesthesiologist has no problems.
But, if the anesthesiologist did NOT check the equipment prior to surgery, and there was a failure, then it would be anesthesiologists's fault, possibly - he could lose his job, he could lose his license, or go to jail, it all depends.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
if I understand you correctly, if the anethesiologist checks the equipment prior to surgery, and then something goes wrong and the patient dies, the anethesiologist will not be held responsible. Previously, I was told he still might because he should recognize the change of color in blood and the slowing of the pulse. I like your answer better, but can you help me to understand it a little bit better.
just like flying a plane, the equipment is required to be checked.
And, since the machine belongs to the hospital the anesthesiologist AND the hospital would be liable.
The color of the blood - first of all an anesthesiologist never looks at the blood - so that other answer does not make sense. An anesthesiologists monitors the patient via the computer on the anesthesia machine.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** better for my plot line. In this instance, would a hypothetical hush up be possible, and if so, what cause of death might be feasible to tell the patient's family?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not sure you received my last question. In this type of case, could a hush up be possible, and if so, what cause of death might be given to the family?
this is fairly easy to do, just as with anything - because the machine could be sent for routine maintenance after the surgery - and nothing ever said.
And, as for the cause of death, this could be a cardiac arrest due to allergy to the medications given - one is called Red Man Syndrome - where the temperature of the body becomes very high and sometimes uncontrollably - usually the medication to give in this scenario is called dantrolene - but it does not always work.

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