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On Tuesday I had a blood test because I felt very tired and

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On Tuesday I had a blood test because I felt very tired and everything was normal except the liver enzimes: AST 50, ALT 76, GGT 217! and it gave me a real scare. After 5 days I went again and the results where better for AST 17, ALT 46 but the GGT still high 204. My liver ultrasound exame eas good.
Is it good that atleast the GGt is going down although slightly...
It is good that GGT level is dropping .But here is something which you should know.Even small amounts of alcohol within 24 hours of your GGT test may cause a temporary increase in the GGT. If this occurs, your doctor may want to repeat the test to verify that it is normal. GGT levels fall after meals, so it is best to be tested when you have not eaten for at least 8 hours. Smoking can also increase GGT.Levels of GGT increase with age in women, but not in men, and are always somewhat higher in men than in women. Several drugs increase (induce) the concentration of GGT in the blood. The increases do not indicate damage to the liver and can be considered an interference.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I do not drink alcohol and I didnt drink any before the tests, is there anything else that can make a high GGT
Some time venous injections also cause increase in GGT levels.Other causes are Myocardial infarction,viral infections etc.However,You can go for checking of its level again after at least 4 weeks.
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