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My niece has been having really bad headaches for the last

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my niece has been having really bad headaches for the last two weeks. She has had a CT scan of her head and found that 95% was clear. She has also had a spinal tap and found not sign of aneurysm and was given a prescription. She has also gone to her pc and was given another prescription. Her headaches have not subsided. She needs to go back to work, but is unable to because of the continual headaches. Please tell me what her next Option should be to get a proper results. If 95% of the CT scan was clear, what can be going on with the 5%? I would be grateful to hear your opinion.
Thank you,
Dorothy Rawls

Thanks for your question.

Which specialist she has visited so far?

Do you know the exact result of CT scan?

What is the exact site of headache?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. My niece has not seen a specialist.

2. The CT scan was normal. As mentioned in before the CT scan was 95% clear.

3. The pain shifts from left to right and causes pain in her neck. presently the pain is behind her right ear.

4. The earliest she can get an appointment with a neurologist is in two weeks,

Thanks for your reply.
The problem of your niece is something to be seen by a specialist. Neurologist consultation is something which you are going for and this is the best thing to do. Let me clarify you one thing that there is no term such as 1 % or 5 % clear CT. Whether its normal or abnormal. I suppose that your doctor has not guided you properly regarding that. There are many head conditions where CT is normal but patient has pain and neurologist is the one who will figure it out and donot worry you will get a diagnosis and proper treatment after his visit. He may go for an MRI as it is better than CT in viewing brain problem if any. It can pick those lesions which CT can miss.
I wish her good luck and good health.
I hope this answers your question
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