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I have been diagnosed with PVD known for a week now. The MRA

Customer Question

I have been diagnosed with PVD known for a week now. The MRA reports states that it is at least a 75 percent blockage in my distal aorta. I am waiting now for the disc and also an appointment next week? My doctor thinks the number is ***** because they put 2cm or more of blockage, in which he states is about the size of this area. I am not going to this doctor because he is affiliated with a very bad hospital. Now I am waking up with my chest congested and tight, (I do not have a cold). Both of my hips are in pain and hot to the touch even at rest. Now my lower calf and a little above hurts when I move it. I also have an underlying blood disorder (antiphospholipid syndrome) which also puts me at high risks for clots and or heart problems. I am only 42 years old, my question is, should I be waiting around as a ticking time bomb, or should I wait until next wednesday to see a new doctor?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 7 years ago.
Blockage of the descending aorta by more then 75% is really a serious thing,in your language you are really sitting on a tickling bomb.You should consult to your doctor specially a vascular surgeon as early as possible as an unexpected blockage by a thrombus may lead to complete blockage of your descending aorta which may be disastrous & lead to complication like loss of vascularity or aortic dissection or aneurysm.
Hope this will help you.