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I need ur help... my brother was admitted to hospital with

Customer Question

i need ur help... my brother was admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis over 30 years ago.. he recieved over 20 lumbar puntures at this time.. he was 3. it was over a few weeks.. he stayed in hospital for over 3 months. at the age of 8 he noticed a numbin in his left side,, he went on an developed scolisis severe. he has had many problems throughout his life.. could this be a result of so many lumbar puntures.. he also suffers from severe headaches please help.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 6 years ago.
Will you please answer some questions-
1.Was the numbness developed acutely after lumber punctures?
2.Do he also have any weakness in his legs?
3.Is there any involvement of his intelligency or higher mental functions?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
hello... he found the numbness at around 11 or 12.. his left side is weaker.. his intelligence was not affedted...this was 1970 ireland hospital my mum had to leave him on his own for 3 months in this hospital..he had his first op in 1990 to insert harrington rods,, plus put in a shunt to drain a large serinx. these wer removed 1 month ago.. ..the syerinx had grew the lenghth of his spine his pain is still dehabilitatin him.they had to be removed because the pain was severe an his walkin was badly the fluid was leakin from the shunt to his brain. headaches ar severe, he is now in rehab as his he acnnot walk unaided
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for information.
Looking at your details it looks that all of his problem is not due to lumber puncture but due to the complications of the meningitis.
The meningitis lead to development of sequel like adhesion formation & stenosis of the outlet of the CSF fluid IN THE BRAIN(FOR WHICH HIS DOCTOR HAD PUT THE VP SHUNT.THIS SHUNT DRAINS THE FLUID FROM THE BRAIN TO PERITONEAL CAVITY).
Due to these lesions in the brain & nerves he developed weakness of the muscles which have lead to scoliosis & numbness.He do really need a good physiotherapy & rehabilitation devices for his better functioning.
Hope this will help you.
Let me know if there is any query.
Dr.Tiwari and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

YES i understand all of this... but is it not true that a small child could not withsatnd this many intrusions into his spine without it harming him in some way?

Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 6 years ago.
If this all was due to lumber puncture then it should not happen after 3-4 years of having L.P.,But should be there with in 1-2 months of that period.He had the L.P. at the age of the 3year & did get the complications at the age of 8yrs.
It looks almost impossible to have this after 4-5yrs.
Hope it will clear you all.