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My legs are aching so bad I can't sleep. I noticed today at

Customer Question

My legs are aching so bad I can't sleep. I noticed today at work they were aching so bad I almost couldn't stand on them. Tonight I noticed a light rash all over my legs.Plus I'm severly fatigued and I have to go work tomorrow. Please help?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 6 years ago.
Presence of rash with pain in legs may be due to following reason-
1.High blood pressure
2.Excessive stress
3.Pre viral illness
4.Deep vein thrombosis(where you should have discoloration of the legs & toes with severe pain)
5. Deficiency of calcium & magnesium.
If you are having such severe pain then in the absence of factors which may lead to other problems (like obesity,inactive life,some medicines like oral contraceptive pills,recent long journey,etc) ,it looks to be most probably due to stress or prodormal symptoms of the viral illness.You should do following as you have to go on work tomorrow-
1.Take a good analgesic like combination of ultracet with paracetamol.
2.Take complete rest.
3.Keep your limb elevated on pillow.
4.If there is discoloration with severe pain in limb then consult to your doctor for Dopplar & OTHER INVESTIGATIONS.