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JanelleRPA, Physician Assistant
Category: Health
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Experience:  25 + years of experience in family practice, internal medicine and family planning
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small lump on the labia

Resolved Question:

small lump on the labia
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  JanelleRPA replied 6 years ago.
Hi and welcome to Just Answer. A lump on your labia could be an ingrown hair, or a small skin abscess (pimple), or a Bartholin gland cyst or abscess, or a Skene's gland cyst or abscess. It's unlikely to be a herpes lesion because herpes usually presents with multiple, clustered lesions on a red and painful base. You could try doing frequent moist compressing (as often as you can). If the lump isn't resolving, you may need antibiotic treatment, or incision and drainage, or both. If you don't have a primary care provider, or if you're uninsured, you could look for a Planned Parenthood or Family Planning agency in your area. They could be able to diagnose and treat the problem, and their fees are on a sliding scale based on your income. I hope this guidance is helpful. Best wishes, JanelleRPAC
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Im already taking a strong antibiotic (isoniazid) and i also noticed that there is a thicker then normal discharge. Although that presented a few days before i noticed the lump. I shave there often, but havent for a week. - Would the frequent shaving contribute to this? also should I see a doctor right away? Or wait a while and see if it goes away?
Expert:  JanelleRPA replied 6 years ago.
Hi again. Isoniazid is usually, but not always, taken for TB or a positive TB skin test. It would not be useful against staph, which is the organism that most often causes abscesses. Frequent shaving does contribute to ingrowing hairs. Your thicker than normal discharge is probably unrelated to the lump, but I can't tell you that for sure. Only an examination of vaginal secretions could tell if there is a vaginal infection present. I think you can safely try frequent warm, moist compresses for a few days. If the lump is not resolving with frequent compressing, or certainly if it's getting worse, you should seek medical attention, at a Planned Parenthood or Family Planning agency if you're uninsured. These are the kinds of problems they deal with often. Very best wishes. Janelle
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