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Dr J Burk
Dr J Burk, Doctor (MD)
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I have Borderline PD/Bipolar 2/Depression with anxiety,

Resolved Question:

lt;p>I have Borderline PD/Bipolar 2/Depression with anxiety, OCD (around cleanliness/perfectionism standards). I wish to have cosmetic surgery (ears pinned back) as have been self-conscious of them since I was a child and have wanted this operation for years. I finally have the money to pay privately and it's a 40th birthday present to myself this year. Because of my underlying conditions the surgeon who would carry out the operation has asked for a letter from my psychiatrist regarding my psychological condition to be clear that surgery is the best thing for me, or otherwise as the case may be. I've done my research about the op and am confident in the surgeon. I do not have an other body image problems and no-one is pressuring me for this op, it's purely my decision. Could my psychiatrist refuse me to have this op? I've been stable for 4-5 mths now on various medications. Help pls. I have an appt with psych on Oct 5 to discuss with him. If he refused can I appeal this decision. Am looking for a counter-argument if this scenario happens. Thanks</p><p> <u>PS I LIVE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM</u> WHICH MAY HAVE DIFFERENT LAWS REGARDING COSMETIC SURGERY FOR PEOPLE WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.</p>
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr J Burk replied 7 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Dr J Burk :


Dr J Burk :

I practice in the UK.

Dr J Burk :

I am surprised that your surgeon has requested such a letter - but impressed at the same time - it is best practice to check out a patients psychological status in these circumstances.

Dr J Burk :

From what you have said I would not expect your psychiatrist to have any concerns about you having the surgery.

Dr J Burk :

Please get back to me if you wish.


Ok, many thanks. He's a very reputable surgeon where I live and caring so I understand where he's coming from. He said I'm not a psychiatrist just a simple surgeon. That's put my mind at rest, thanks!

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