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Celeste NP
Celeste NP, Nurse Practitioner
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Can a compressed nerve in my neck cause left hand tremor?

Resolved Question:

Can a compressed nerve in my neck cause left hand tremor? The tremor is only in my left hand (or wrist, etc.). It is progressively getting worse (over a 1 1/2 to 2 year period where it began), and this particular tremor is worse when I'm walking, or get excited, stress situations. I play tennis with my left hand, and doesnt really affect me when I'm swinging the racket, however, when I run or walk without the racket, it seems to shake. I can control the shaking by moving my hand into another position. In the morning, when I wake up, it doesnt shake. Also seems like coffee makes it worse. In bed, it doesnt affect me at all. Please advise. Thanks, *****
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Celeste NP replied 7 years ago.


I need some information from you first before I can give you an answer?

Have you had a neck injury?

Do you know if you have a compressed nerve in the neck?

Does this tremor occur at rest?

Do you have a family history of tremor or Parkinson?

Are you saying in bed in never occurs?

What position is your arm in when it is worse?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

In bed it never occurs. The tremor does not occur during rest, only when I'm moving. I have had neck problems in the past, but, no pain for the last couple of years. I do have a herniated disc in my lower back (and congenital disc disease), which may also be the source of the tremor. My father did have tremors (only in his hands) during the last 10-15 years or so of his life, but, it wasn't parkinsons. I did have tennis elbow some years ago with the source being my left arm. A few message sessions took care of this tennis elbow. I do feel like I'm losing strenght with my left arm. Always served well with aces, but, strength seems to be lacking. The position when my arm is worse when I'm standing, walking, and swinging my arms. It's odd, but, when I'm standing, not walking, and swinging my arms, it does not affect me. As I'm typing, holding out my left arm, and moving side to side, it does not affect me. I can hold my left arm for an extended period of time and no shaking. One other thing, I did have Ciguatera about 7-8 years ago, but, no lasting effect. BTW, my hand or finger dexterity is quite good, with no problems. I still play alot of tennis (incidentally, I'm a natural right hander but I play tennis with my left) but, it feels like I dont swing as hard as i used to. If you need more details please advise.

Expert:  Celeste NP replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for providing me with the extra information that does help alot.

This could absolutely be from compressed nerves and it would be from your neck or shoulder area. The lower back will not affect this area.

My concern is the weakness in that arm and decrease of strength. With nerve damage you can have muscle wasting as well that is difficult to get back functioning of.

It does not sound like Parkinson right now.

It is important that you do see a neurologist without delay as this can worsen. They may want to do a nerve conduction test to determine which nerve is causing the problem. Also a CT of your neck may be done.

Treatment will so be based on the findings and cause so I can't really help with that part until you know the cause.

However, what you are experiencing is abnormal and not just a tremor, It sounds neurological in nature and needs to be investigated.

I wish you the best!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for your answer. BTW, I did see a doctor (internist) who thought that it may be the compressed nerve in my neck. He thought it also could be a bulging disc in my neck. But, I dont have any real neck pain and self inspection I dont think that I have a bulging disc. However, he did recommend that I see a neurologist that could perform the necessary tests, i.e. nerve conduction test, etc. I did have several years ago some pain in my left shoulder due to a fall that I had (shoulder contusion) earlier. It was hard to sleep on the left side where I usually sleep. I do go to the gym and lift weights. No real problem there.

Expert:  Celeste NP replied 7 years ago.

I definitely would follow thru because if it is a compressed nerve the longer you wait the more damage it will do. It is easy to follow thru if you have pain but not so easy when you have an annoying symptom and just keep thinking it will get better! HA!

You will not be able to feel the disc bulge because what you feel on your neck is the bony part of the spine not the disc.

Hopefully you can go soon to find out exactly what it is! Good Luck!

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