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My son needed a blood test for school to screen for sickle

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My son needed a blood test for school to screen for sickle cell. The bill came from the lab and the code are:83891,83893,83898,83912,83896.What are all these tests?Thank you
Why did he need these test for school?

How old is your son?

Was he having a problem that they wanted these tests?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It is required for cross country team members by NCAA He is 19 and he was not having any problems. It seemed like a lot of different codes and tests for a one disease screening.
That is interesting, I never knew that the NCAA required these particular tests. (You learn something new every day).

These numbers are the CPT codes for the particular tests. CPT codes are a standardized set of codes to describe medical procedures for billing purposes.

The exact detail for these codes are as follows:

3891 Molecular diagnostics; isolation or extraction of highly purified nucleic acid, each nucleic acid type (ie, DNA or RNA)

83893 Molecular diagnostics; dot/slot blot production, each nucleic acid preparation

83898 Molecular diagnostics; amplification, target, each nucleic acid sequence

83912 Molecular diagnostics; interpretation and report

83896 Molecular diagnostics; nucleic acid probe, each

(I know you are now scratching your head more than before we started...)
Basically these are a variety of different genetics tests or any condition (in this case it would be for the genes associated with Sickle Cell disease)
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I have NO idea why they performed this extensive testing protocol as the initial screening for sickle cell trait. I checked the NCAA site to see if they required particular tests, and it does not appear that they require this comprehensive testing.

It appears that the much cheaper screening tests would have been acceptable for the requirement.
Family Physician and 6 other Health Specialists are ready to help you