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What Plan to you have for my situation.

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What Plan to you have for my situation.
Ca you explain you question in more detail:

What is your situation?

What type of plan are you looking for?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Suggestions for a healthy diet that would help in loosing weight. I had a arthoscopy knee surgery about a year ago and my Dr. told me loosing weight could be a big factor for not having a complete knee replacement. I am not a junk eater and even though I exercise I don't have a high metabolism. I am just concerned.
There are several things that are essential for effective weight loss:
  • A balanced sensible diet - avoid the latest fad, or "miracle" fix you find on the web
  • Small changes are usually all that is needed for weight loss
  • Consistency - don't give up when you have a "bad week" and find that you cheated
  • Plan for a gradual weight loss; 1-2 pounds AT MOST per week (this is 50-100 pounds by the end of next summer)
  • The numbers; each pound is equal to 3500 calories. If you eat an extra 3500 calories you gain a pound, cut down (or increase your exercise) by 3500 calories and you lose a pound. That is only 500 calories per day to lose 50 pounds in a year.
The National Cholesterol Education Program has some excellent information on reducing cholesterol. This information is also useful in weight loss programs as well.

Reducing the portion size, reducing the amount of fat in the diet and moderate exercise at least 3 times daily. With a history of knee problems, non-impact exercise such as swimming or water aerobics are ideal. Many patient also find that cycling or an exercise bike are effective without putting too much stress on their knees.
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