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I am a 43 year old woman who has a thyroid nodule. THE FNA

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I am a 43 year old woman who has a thyroid nodule. THE FNA supposedly came back as "inconclusive," but the reprt says it is "hurtle cell lesion" with " adenomatous hyperplasia." Doesn't that make it leaning towards malignant?
I am waiting for a call from my endo, but I am trying to figure this report out in the meantime. I have read that a thyroid lobotomy is the next step.
Please explain if you can.

Thanks for your question.

I am an ENT and Head & Neck surgeon.

FNAC is never a good investigation for thyroid nodules. it cannot differentiate between benign and malignant lesion. If you have an ultrasound of neck done and if its showing that nodule is cystic and if the thyroid scan done and if it shows hot nodule then chances of malignancy are rare. you are very right the next step is thyroid lobectomy or total or subtotal thyroidectomy depending upon size and extent of nodule. That specimen will be sent for histopathology and that will be considered the final result to see whether it is benign or malignant.

I wish you best of luck

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Dr Hasan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
But what does the "adenomatous hyperplasia with prominent hurtle cells" mean if the diadnosis is inconclusive. That sounds like a diagnosis of cancer to me. I am confused.

Thanks for your reply.

& sorry for the delay

Hurtle cells from the FNAC of the nodule can never determine that it is adenoma or carcinoma, although the pathologist has said that its adenomatous hyperplasia but It again doesnot confirm it to be benign or malignant. The next step is thyroid removal and donot worry it will not only give the diagnosis but also remove cosmetic deformity because of the nodule. Since you are a female the chances of malignancy are less but age is a little risk factor. Hope for the best


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