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I have been experiencing pain in my upper chest that is also

Resolved Question:

I have been experiencing pain in my upper chest that is also felt in my neck and sometimes lower jaw, The pain can be pinpointed with my index finger, and is short lived, maybe about 5 to twenty seconds max. The pain does however, come back after a few minutes and can go on and off all day. I am not noticing any triggers, I ran a mile on the treadmil yesterday with no pain, but late last night the pain started and I have been having it off an on all morning. I have seen a cardiologist and he was not so sure that the pain might be caused by something non heart related. In the last two years I have had two treadmill stress tests, MRI of heart, echicardiogram and chest x-rays, holter monitor. All tests have been negative. I have seen a GI doctor and he did not beleive this to be an ulcer (My gp thought it might be) and he saw no need to perform any tests on me. I can tell you that I felt no pain all week, until a few hours after I did cardio yesterday. My gp is not convinced at all that this is heart related, but it scares me and is causing me great stress. I am currently taking xanax when the pain gets really bad so that I do not go into a panic attack. I have read about coronary artery spasms and am wondering if that is what I am experiencing? Have the tests I have taken ruled that out?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Pauline replied 6 years ago.

Did you have any of the tests while you had the chest pain?

Have you had any blood tests?

Did you wear a 24 hour ECG machine? Did you get any episodes during this time?

Does the pain start when you are exercising or at rest?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was admitted into the ER last summer durring one of these painful episodes via ambulance. By the time I arrived at the hospital the pain had subsided and they did all the basic chest x-rays, blood tests etc. Everything was negative, the ER Dr. thought it may have been anxiety. I have worn a 24 hour holter monitor, but that was for pvc pac? (Skipped beats) Did not have pain during the monitor. To date, I have never had the pain during excersize as I am fairly active, I walk, run a little bit and lift a lot of weights. The pain seems to come on out of nowhere while resting or just doing simple chores around the home that do not require exertion.
Expert:  Pauline replied 6 years ago.

I think we can safely say that this is not cardiac related. If you had a problem with blood supply to the heart then changes to your ECG and also blood test such as troponin would have highlighted signs of a problem. In addition because the pain does not start during exercise this means the heart is coping with the ability to increase work during exercise without any symptoms. The blood tests would also rule out anemia as a possible cause.

There are many cause of non specific chest pain which range from chest wall muscles, lung related to stomach related. It is also possible for anxiety to exhibit as chest pain. If there is no pain on applying pressure to the chest then it is less likely to be muscular.

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