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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  MBBS, MS (General Surgery), Fellowship in Sports Medicine
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I was trying to catch my dog and stepped on his leash with

Resolved Question:

I was trying to catch my dog and stepped on his leash with my left foot and the grass was wet and I ended up falling 8 days ago. My leg extended out straight when I fell and I had immediate pain on the glute and hamstring. I could hardly move the whole night and iced it as well as ibuprofin for the next few days. The pain eventually subsided the next day and I could walk much better but now the pain has shifted only to the lower part off my butt/glute muscle and radiates slightly down the outer portion of my thigh. My interior knee is now quite sore but that seems to loosen up when I am mobile. If I sit with weight on the side that got hurt it is very painful and gets numb eventually. Moving in certain directions is also very painful. I walk on a regular basis (much slower than normal) about 2-4 miles a day. Am I harming myself by walking and is this something that just requires some good stretches and time to heal or do you think I am looking at something more serious?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Arun Phophalia replied 7 years ago.


This looks like muscle strain and can take almost 3 weeks to heal completely. In muscle injuries, graded activity, according to the pain severity is allowed. So you are allowed to do all the activities, which do not cause moderate or severe pain. Activities which have discomfort or very mild pain are usually permissible. So walking can be done. Physical therapy which entails stretching and very gradual strengthening exercises, is always helpful. Swimming in warm pool may also be beneficial. Continue with Ibuprofen and local analgesic cream. You may try now warm compresses instead of ice, to see if it makes your feel better.

Please feel free for your follow up questions.

Dr. Arun

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can you tell me what is analgesic cream and can I obtain this over the counter at a drug store?
Expert:  Dr. Arun Phophalia replied 7 years ago.


You may ask for Corganics relief. Health store will have other brands also. You may choose any as they all have usually salicylic acid based composition.

Sorry for the delay. I had to see an emergency.

It is privilege assisting you.

Dr. Arun

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