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I am pregnant and there is weird odor and discharge. What is

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I am pregnant and there is a weird odor and discharge lately. I am having cramping like a period though. What is it?

Dr. Wilson :

Hello, and I am pleased to help you,

Does it smell fishy?:

How many weeks pregnant are you?

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

Its a rancid smell. I am about 11 or 12 weeks

Dr. Wilson :

This is most likely BV - Bacterial Vaginosis

You can treat this with an antibiotic such as Flagyl or Cleocin

BV is an overgrowth of your normal vaginal bacteria

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

I douche and bathe in baking soda and vinegar from time to time but I have never had this before

Dr. Wilson :

It occurs due to pH changes in your vagina (change the acid-base balance) - and this could occur due to sex, pregnancy, or many other reasons.

You do not need to be concerned.

Douche etc will not help

But, since you are pregnant, it does need to be treated, as BV is associated with preterm labor - so see your ob/gyn and get this treated.

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:
I am not having sex
Dr. Wilson :

But you are pregnant

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

What do you mean pre-term labor. Could I possibly miscarry due to this BV?

Dr. Wilson :

Yes, you can possibly miscarry - preterm labor means contractions and possibly delivering your baby early

So, you do need to get this treated.

I hope this helps, if you have additional questions, please ask..

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

The cramps are wearing off but they have been occurring for days. Could I be too late?

Dr. Wilson :

No, you are not too late, some doctors do not treat BV until you are at least 14 weeks, so you are fine. But I would recommend making an appointment for this week or next week to be seen.

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

Ok. thanks. You have been a huge help. Take care

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