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Is it true that certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies can

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is it true that certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies can contribute to a low thyroid problem ? if so, what vitamins or minerals would be recommended to take ?


How long have you had hypothyroidism? Did you have any iodine treatment to your thyroid?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
actually im a little uncertain of the length of time but have been taking meds for approx 6 months . my doctoe has just increased the dosage. never had any iodine treatment !!

Thanks for the additional info.

Yes, vitamins do affect the thyroid. ANy of those that help boost adrenal support will also help the thyroid to work well.

The main ones that help are:

Vit B COmplex

Vit C

Vit D

There are several herbs that will increase the thyroid production however, in my experience, patients typically over treat with these and put themselves into an over active thyroid which is much worse than under active. All herbs are not created equal and can do a lot of damage to the thyroid. That is one area that I would not use herbs to treat with.

However, you can take the above vitamins and it will help support but not make the thyroid overproduce. It can help you take just a minimal amount of medication though.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks , do any of the above mentioned contain iodine ?


I was just trying to see if you had a goiter or been treated for thyroid cancer was why I was asking the iodine questions.

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