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Why is it even on blood pressure medication my systolic

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Why is it even on blood pressure medication my systolic number will go down and my heart rate will go down but my diastolic number stays up at 100 or above. I take Metropolol and Vasotec. This is causing me a lot of concern.
You are taking a beta blocker which is Metopropolol. This can lower your heart rate but for some people is too effective at lowering the heart rate. ANother one in this category to try is Bystolic. It is a newer beta blocker.

Vasotec is an ACE inhibitor and works differently than the betablockers. This is a good medication.

Many people need to be on 2 or 3 different blood pressure medications to manage their high blood pressure and the longer you are on meds the more likely that you will need adjustments in your dosages or different kinds of meds to try.

Sometimes if we can't get the blood pressure controlled we look at renal or kidney causes and do an ultrasound to make sure it is not a renal or liver reason.

So I am sure your provider will be trying different medications or increase your dosages to better manage your blood pressure.
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