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Dr. Das, MD
Dr. Das, MD, Doctor
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Why is my bowel movement small, like a pea size, and the

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why is my bowel movement small, like a pea size, and the color is a greenish in color. sometimes dark green & sometimes a lighter green. it has been about 2 weeks now
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DR.Das.MD :


DR.Das.MD :

A greenish color in the stools usually indicate that the stool has passed too quickly through the intestines. Normally, the food takes on a greenish color in the upper intestines due to the presence of a liver secreion called bile. By the time the food reaches the lower intestine the color changes to brownish. if the stool passes too quickly through the intestines, the greenish color can remain.

DR.Das.MD :

Other causes of a greenish color could be if you had taken any food containing green food color like ice creams etc. but iff this were the case, the color would not remain for 2 weeks.

DR.Das.MD :

The stool is small like a pea possibly because it has had no time to form into the typical shape in teh rectum.

DR.Das.MD :

It is likely that you have an indigestion since the last 2 weeks

DR.Das.MD :

I hope this helps.

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the green color is just not normal. should i be concerned & let it take its course or take something

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