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Shoulder pain It can wake me up at night, the pain is in

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Shoulder pain

It can wake me up at night, the pain is in the upper outside of my right shoulder.
I race sportbikes and don't feel any pain while racing but do feel a bit of pain when loading and unloading gear.
It seems that at night when I'm laying on my back or if im on my stomach with my arm under the pillow its the worst. 1000 mg of advil eases the pain. I have insurance with Kaiser but with a huge deductible so if I go in and have mri and xrays done It will cost an easy $1000 that I don't have.

Thanks for your question.


Since how long you have this pain?


Any history of trauma, how it started?


Pain in any other joint?


Any restriction of movement ?


Any known medical condition?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

about one month


no trauma


I have a 40 pound 3 year old son that I use to pick up and carry with my right arm.


Left shoulder is perfect.


No restriction of movement.


No known medical conditions.

Thanks for your reply.


there can be several different reasons for this pain like bad sleeping posture, unnoticed injury, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis etc. Definitely you can take Tab Ibuprofen thrice daily along with local application of some pain killer Gel like ibuprofen gel. You should also avoid sleeping in a posture that aggravate the pain. Taking pain killers for long can cause their own related problems. I think you should atleast visit your GP initially to have an examination and basic investigations like blood work up and xrays, they might help otherwise you may need orthopedic or rheumatologist consultation(as per doctors advise) because shoulder is a complex structure and may need an MRI to diagnose but please visit GP atleast to get some direction.


I hope this helps you.



Good Luck




Dr Hasan

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