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I have recurring pimples/cyst inside my nostrils

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I have these recurring pimples/cyst things INSIDE my nostrils; they seem to develop rapidly (usually overnight and with no warning symptoms like typical pimples do) They always develop in the same spot, I get them in 2 places inside my nostrils. I have had them on both sides, but they are always in the exact same place every time. They get a whitehead looking center with a knot/lump underneath and they are very sore and huge(I have NEVER seen a pimple so large and my brother had severe acne as a teen, so I've seen my share of nasty big zits) The thing that worries me is I keep getting them in the exact same spots and so many times, about 5-7 times now. The first couple of times I got one of these things I went to my primary care doctor. He didn't appear to be too worried about it. He gave me some antibiotic cream packets(it was some kind of triple antibiotic) to apply inside the affected nostril. Well, after the third time he finally sent me to an ENT. Unfortunately, by the time I got in for an appointment it had healed, it takes 2-4 weeks to get in to see him, probably because he is highly recommended in this area(Tampa Bay, Florida). All he said was it seemed like some type of infection, he was not sure of the cause, and couldn't give me a firm diagnosis. I asked if it could be an ingrown hair; he checked for but saw no ingrown hairs in the 2 spots where I get them. All he could advise was to use antibiotic ointment (mupirocin 2%) and also recommended using moist, hot compresses to help them drain. I just want to figure out why I keep getting these things, it seems so odd to me that they are recurring in the exact same spots and that it's happened numerous times. I am open to any suggestions and would greatly appreciate any help. At this point, I'm desperate to find a cause and/or diagnosis, I want so badly for this to stop happening! Thank you in advanced for your time dealing with such a stupid, weird, and I'm sure non-life threatening matter, I'm just so annoyed not knowing what's causing this!

*I'm generally healthy...I have bouts of IBS, have had panic attacks in the past though it's been years since I've had one, I was diagnosed with Chrone's Disease in my 30's and due to it had some of my stomach and intestines re-sectioned, I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago due to stones, I suffer from mild seasonal allergies just your typical runny nose, sinus pressure, headaches, red itchy eyes, and I'm not experiencing any allergy symptoms right now, the last time I did was in spring. The only other health info/history I can think of is I occasionally have issues where my mouth and tongue have burning sensation and my sense of taste is really off, my primary Dr. gave me lidocaine liquid to swish and spit it thankfully eases the burning; he then sent me to an allergy specialist to get a scratch test done, it showed mild allergies to some pollens and mold spores. So, I have no idea what the deal is with the mouth burning, and don't know if it is related to my nose problem... I hope this background info helps, and thank you again.

Thanks for such a detailed history. I am an ENT doctor and can help you.

How long you have used mupirocin and did the pimples appear in your nostrils after their use?

Do you have habit of nose picking or scratching?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I've used the mupirocin for a few months now, I only use it when I get one of these pimples. I apply it with sterile swabs approximately 5-8 times in 24 hour period (i apply during the night as well), I keep using it until the bump has been gone for at least a few days. Yes, they always come back within days, weeks, sometimes months. There is no pattern or cause that I have noticed.

No, I don't have a habit of scratching or picking at my nose.

Thanks for your reply.

The condition you are having is recurring boil nose. The same place occurrence is probably due to infection of a same hair follicle,its not necessary to have an ingrown hair with examination. The response to mupirocin also indicate that its bacterial. You need to have a swab taken from your nose for culture and sensitivity and with that the bacterial flora can be seen. You might be having an abnormal flora and you can get antibiotics accordingly. Since you are not developing such boils at other body parts so source of infection somewhere else is less likely. You need to take certain precautions also like washing your nose periodically with water to keep the area clean. Never pick your nose specially when you are having a boil. Try to visit your ENT when you have a boil so that he may assess it at that time , i know its difficult to get appointment but this is something required. Apply mupirocin as soon as you feel that you are going to get the boil like you may slight pain or irritation before getting it. But keeping nose cleaned by water periodically will help you.

Do not worry there is nothing serious.


Dr. Hasan and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your answer. Because of this problem with my nose, I am extremely careful to never touch my face without first washing my hands. I forgot to mention that I also use saline rinses daily per my ENT. I will call his office on Monday to ask if they will allow me come in when I am experiencing symptoms, hopefully they will allow me to do so since it has occurred so many times and is becoming quite bothersome.

Thats good that you are already taking care of these things, i wish you good luck with your visit and recovery. Ask him for a swab also as i have mentioned