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Dr J Burk
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I have (excuse the spelling) peleonephritis, since surgery

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I have (excuse the spelling) peleonephritis, since surgery in 1994 - very infected surgery at St. Joseph's in Tampa. And a confirmed diagnosis of chronic and acute. We have never been able to get the acute under control. I am on Microdantina right now (Mexican generic name nitrofurantoina) but pain is severe and infection not under control. Seeing Mexican doctors can be risky, ask a doctor for seniors didn't advertise that he was a naturopath and wasted money and time. I've had the ultrasound 1 year ago, and the condition has worsened. I am about to see a Cuban doctor next, because he's the best around here in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico - but adding this on to of back pain from failed surgeries with osteomyelitis, and find staph infection 16 years later in a semen culture, makes me weary. I cannot return to the US, I cannot travel and I can hardly walk with a cane. I need to deal with the peleonephritis, and then the pain from extensive vertebrae lipping (from thoracic to sacral). Any new meds out for the the kidney issue that might help. Suffering is not a lifestyle I enjoy. Thanks.


Is the problem just in one kidney?

Dr Jef

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Both kidneys are involved but the left seems to suffer the most problems and the right only hurts on rare occasion. Chronic in both acute in the left.


Thanks - a few points for you to consider.

Your options are limited.

1.Continue antibiotics - you are on these already

2.See a pain specialist - almost certainly your pain control can be improved

3.Have the most disease kidney removed - sounds drastic but it worth considering and would eliminate the problem - you only need one kidney...

Dr Jef

Please feel free to get back to me on these points

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