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I have dated this guy for 5 years and i love him and the his

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i have dated this guy for 5 years and i love him and the his kids very much and he says loves mine also. well he lost his job to to a work injury and is waiting for his retirment which takes abou 4 months. he is very stress about not being able to pay his bills and care for his kids. i already gave him 2200 dollars to help him but its not enough. now he is going to fill bankrupies so he doesnt loose his house. we dont live together we r not engaged or anything like that but he feels these r our issues and if i want a future with him i am suppose to be there for him meaning help him with all the bills so we can be happy together. well today we meet and he said he is not happy with himself so he cant make me happy so he needs time to deal with his issues and he has no time for a relationship and said this has nothing to do with love so i asked him if he still loves and he said he cant think staight /cause of the bills he needs to pay with no money so then i said fine u go your way and i will go mine and he said if thats what u need to do fine but again he says this has nothing to do with love what is he trying to say to me. i mean does he really care and still wants me or is he just hoping i will help him again with the bills. i am so confused i love him nut he cant say weather he loves me or not he just said when i get the chance i will call u or text u and it has nothing to do with love please help me is he saying he really cares or is he hoping i will help him again
Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
This could be something that only a guy can really understand - he is probably feeling VERY INadequate that he can not provide for you and his kids and this is a way for him to 'cope' and he wants to appear Strong - so just try to be supportive but not so over-bearing.
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