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A 29 year old female presents to your office for evaluation.

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A 29 year old female presents to your office for evaluation. Two months ago, she underwent an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. In your office today, she reports her son: "does not seem right and his head is big and I don't think he can see." The mother informs you that there are three cats living in the apartment, and during her pregnancy, she had an episode of "mono-like" syndrome with postauricular adenopathy. What is the most likely diagnosis.

The most likely diagnosis is toxoplasmosis.
If the mom changed the cat litter, this is likely where she got it, as cats can carry toxoplasmosis.

The classic triad for congenital toxoplasmosis is chorioretinitis, hydrocephalus and intracranial calcifications. The hydrocephalus can lead to the head looking larger.

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