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Pauline, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Medical Doctor & Registered Pharmacist. Worked as Community pharmacist for 17 years.
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Can I take digestive enzymes and probiotics supplements at

Resolved Question:

Hi, can I take digestive enzymes and probiotics supplements at the same time?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Pauline replied 7 years ago.

What products are you looking to take?

Why do you want to take these?

Do you have any medical problems?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I do not have any medical problems. I just have weak digestive system.
I am looking at off the shelf supplements. Read some information about taking digestive enzymes and probiotics will aid digestion but not sure if I can take them together.
Expert:  Pauline replied 7 years ago.

What symptoms does the weak digestive system give you?

What have you tried so far?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
after every meal, i feel bloated, alot of gas. I have gastric problems also.
I get indigestion and diarrhoea easily. i went for a health check and nothing is wrong with my stomach and intestines. I took probiotics before. I thought about trying to take both to improve my digestive system.
Expert:  Pauline replied 7 years ago.

The first thing with excess gas and bloating is to consider products that help specifically with those and I recommend peppermint tea after meals. You can also purchase concentrated peppermint oil capsules if you prefer.

Probiotics still do not have a lot of clinically proven evidence of effectiveness however they are very popular and should not cause any adverse effects.

I would not recommend that you take 'digestive enzymes' as your body should be able to make enough. Sometimes making changes to your diet can make a difference too. Small regular meals which are not spicy or oily would be the first thing. Avoid alcohol and caffeine too. If you take a lot of fiber then make sure that you drink plenty of water.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Generally, one would be able to take peppermint tea? Will it have any side effects?
Expert:  Pauline replied 7 years ago.
Peppermint tea can be an acquired taste but tends to be very well tolerated. The capsules can occasionally leave a strong peppermint aftertaste and heartburn.
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