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My dad has to go and see urlogist on tuesday and he has

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hello there my dad has to go and see urlogist on tuesday and he has early postrate Cancer And I Am Worried If They Take Out His Postrate I Am Worried About Him Going Under GRENAL anseatist As He Is A Heavy Smoker And Dont Want Him To Die. Alsoi Latelyt He Has A Bit Of A Bladder Infection As He Went To The Doctors And The Doctor Tested His Urine And Said He Has A Bit Of An Infection But His In Pain Between His Arse And Balls And He Has Been On Antibotics For 3 Days Now. And He Still Has The Pain In His ARSE And Between His Balls. Is That Normal And How Long B4 That Clears Up..

Prostate infection called as prostatitis usually pain in the region described and takes about a course of antibiotics to clear off.

Prostate cancer is very slow growing cancer and hence there are lot of non operative management of the cancer such as androgen ablation, radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

Both medical and surgical management have almost same results.

In the meanwhile continue with the antibiotics and drink plenty of water.

I hope this helps you


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He Has Been On The Antibotics 3 Days Now And He Says That He Still Hasnt Had Any Relive As Yet And Getting Worried As He Says When He Goes To The Toliet Then Its Just A Dribble And Not Much Prussure.. Very Worried.. Please Help ASAP.

If the antibiotics are not helping then antibiotic should be changed along with addition of Alfa - blocker to relax the bladder outlet which will help with the urination.

If it is not very distressing he can wait till Tuesday, but severe retention of urine is an indication for a visit to the ER and perhaps a catheter may needed temporarily.

I hope this helps you


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what do u mean by severe retention he says that he can pee but it hurts alot.. and can it get to the stange that he could need a catheter put In.o Should the antiboctic should have worked by now its been 3 days now

Acute retention means not able to pass any amount of urine which causes abdominal pain due to distension.

Catheter is put to tide over the symptoms as in case of retention and severe pain as it will give relief to the patient while the infection subsides and also assure evacuation of urine which is very necessary for the infection to subside.Collected urine is prone to get infected and therefore persisting infection.

Usually antibiotics work by 3 days , if results are not encouraging it is changed.But as I said the real problem might be residual urine in the bladder which makes the infection resistant.

I hope this gives you more insight to the problem.