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I have had a pulling sensation in my right leg and half of

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I have had a pulling sensation in my right leg and half of my foot has a numb sensation. Someone told me to invert myself. Will this possibly help or do more harm?

Welcome to JustAnswer Health...and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and am delighted to help you today. Before we could say whether or not inversion would help we would need to know the source of the problem. Have you had a back injury in the past? You may be experiencing sciatic which is when the sciatic nerve which runs frm your back to your buttock all the way down the leg is irritated. This can happen with a herniated disk or inflammating in the back from a strain etc.

Ice to the lumbar area is a good idea, also take ibuprofen per package directions, if not contraindicated to decreasn any inflammation you may have. Don't do any activity that aggravates the pain. If this doesn't improve in a few days see yoru Doctor for an examination, diagnosis and treatment. I hope this information helps you, please let me know if I can help you further:-)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have never had back problems, the only thing I can think of is I have been spending many hours at my desk doing homework as I am enrolled in on-line college courses. I went to the emergency room on June 23. The doctor said he was going to treat me with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds. He only gave me a 2 wk supply and that has been depleted. I was told by a friend to use the ice pack and told by another to invert myself. I have no insurance, so I guess that's why the emergency room doctor did not take x-rays or do an MRI. I am at my witts end and need some help. My class for this term is Keyboarding and I need to be able to sit and type for timed sessions. What more can I do?
Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause muscle fatigue and circulation problems. Do yo uhave any swelling inthe leg that hurts? If you put your leg straight out and point your toes up, does that hurt anywhere?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have no swelling and if I put my leg straight out and point my toes up it feels like I'm kind of stretching my muscles and actually feels kind of good. The pain, which is not unbearable, just annoying, starts at the top of my right buttock and travels down the back of my thigh to the back of my knee, then my right calf feels like just after you have a charlie horse and you muscle is sore and then half of my foot is kind of numb. My back does not hurt at all. Just kind of feels like a rope is attached to the top of my butt and is pulling muscles or ligaments in my leg and sometimes a pain shoots through my right butt cheek.

By \your symptoms, That is most likely sciatica. Follow the recommendations above.. plus get up and walk around every 20 minute even if for a moment..also do leg exercises while sitting.. point toes up and down, lift legs up and down.

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