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CamilleRN, Nurse (RN)
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I am 27 and have anxiety for as i can remember, i felt good

Customer Question

i am 27 and have anxiety for as long i can remember, i felt good when i was pregnant with my daughter 5 yrs ago, but after she was born i had anxiety bad by the time she was 3 months old it was so bad i couldnt even hold her which made me feel even worse. i ended up getting on prosac. everything got better from then on out i was on birthcontrol and was still fine, live has been good, i havent been on birthcontrol for ayr and a half and havent had my period for a yr then last week i got it i felt surprising good and wanted to clean all the time it ended after 4 days and then the anxiety kicked in, im tired i cant eat im dizzy and i feel like a bad mom. we wanted to have a baby up intill 3 gays ago when i started feeling this way again. why is this happening again and what can i do to fix it?
Submitted: 7 years ago via Diagnose-Me.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 7 years ago.
It would appear that you are suffering from panic attacks / a Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
This can having a waxing and waning course and would require a detailed medical evaluation and further tests like ruling out a thyroid and other hormonal conditions.
Once this is done, it would be best treated by a mental health professional if the diagnosis is confirmed,
All the best,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
why does it go away so long, i have been tested for thyrod and everything is fine. they said i may have pcos, but is there a hormonail change after my period that would cause this
Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 7 years ago.
While PCOS can cause a lot of hormonal imbalance, your symptoms are not likely to be explained on this basis.
As I said before GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) can have a waxing / waning course without any obvious stimulus.
Sometimes hormonal changes related to periods can lead to cyclical mood problems like depression, however this seems unlikely since your symptoms are not cyclical, and anxiety is not a major problem in these situations.
I would recommend a mental health evaluation to look at stressors that may have precipitated the present chain of symptoms,
Warm regards
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
basically said i was crazy and to go to the doctor, good work dr.
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 7 years ago.
Welcome to JustAnswer Health...and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and am delighted to help you today.The shocking thing about Anxiety is that it can seem to come out of nowhere.. without a concrete cause. Anxiety can cause alterations in breathing patterns and it may be that you are holding your breath or breathing too rapidly which can cause the symptoms you are experiencing. The next time this happens there is something you can do...initiate proper breathing. You can help alleviate the feeling of shortness of breath secondary to incorrect breathing by changing your breathing pattern to abdominal breathing. To abdominal breathe ( which is a much more effective breathing technique) place one hand on your abdomen and one hand on your chest... watch to see which rises. It should be the abdomen, NOT the chest.Practice breathing using your abdominal muscles... (to breathe with chest muscles causes fatique and more shortness of breath) by taking in a deep breath through your nose.. making sure only the hand on your abdomen moves, slowly.. and exhale showly through the mouth.. your abdomen should flatten with exhalation. Do this three breaths at a time. Breathing correctly will immediately eliminate anxiety...., every time. If it comes back do it again. Definitely plan to get adequate sleep. Sleeping is so important for over all well being. I hope this information helps you. If I can help further just let me know
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
would it have anything to do with hormones? and why do i not want to eat when i feel like this
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 7 years ago.
Hormone imbalances can cause you to feel unwell which can cause you to have a lack of appetite.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
will this pass on its its own and if so how many days after my period should it take to go away?
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 7 years ago.
Hormonal changes can cause anxiety in many women... part of what they refer to as PMS.. usually once your period starts the anxious feelings begin to go away. If you try the breathing technique when you feel anxious, it will help tremendously.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i feel great when i have my period it started the day after it ended
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 7 years ago.
This may be due to an increase in estrogen in the beginning of your cycle. Estrogen has a tendency to raise norepinephrine levels in some people ..which can begin the anxiety cycle.