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About 3 weeks to a month ago I slipped and fell at work into

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About 3 weeks to a month ago I slipped and fell at work into a footing at a construction site. There were form boards on the edge of the footing at ground level. I caught myself before hitting the forms but my right wrist took most of my weight and shock. I think my wrist was bent back slightly. It hurt for a few days, was a little swollen but then got some better. Now it has begun to swell again in a quarter sized place between my hand and the wrist bone. It has never turned black or any color during this time. It was worse when I got up in the morning but now hurts throughout the day. For pain I take Ibuprofen. I have had other injuries like this but they went away. Could this be a strain or fracture and what can I do for it? Would a regular doctor be able to help or do I need a specialist i.e. orthopedist? Would insurance pay without a workman's comp. or accident report?


At the very least it is a sprain but possibly a fracture as well. You could start with your primary care physician to get x-rays and an exam. If ortho is needed then you would have to be referred there by your primary care.

If you did not report it right away to your supervisor, things will get sticky with workman's comp. Unless you had a witness, that may help. It all depends on your company policy.

If you regular insurance catches "wind" that this is a workman's comp issue then they may refuse to pay for it or pay for it and then go after workman's comp.

However, you really do need to get an exam, Injuries to the hand/wrist can have a lifelong impact if not treated properly.

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