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Hi! I am taking Flomax and it works , however when I am running

Resolved Question:

Hi! I am taking Flomax and it works , however when I am running water inside or outside I get the overbearing urge to urinate and sometimes I urinate with mainly the sensation and little substance. It is like a mental thing. I do not have a problem and urges come and go without water running but resulting in a good flow and 8 to ten times a day and none or one at night. Without making a federal case out of it without tests etc. what ae your thoughts on the ruuning water situation. Thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Singh replied 7 years ago.
What you are most likely experiencing is urge incontinence secondary to your prostate enlargement. There are some things you can try to help this situation:

1. Bladder training: delay urination after you get the urge to go. Start by trying to delay the urge to go by 5-10 minutes, then gradually increase that time as you go. Also you can try double voiding, that is urinating and then waiting a few minutes and trying to go again (with this you empty your bladder more completely and avoid overflow incontinence)

2. Scheduled toilet trips: go to the bathroom according to the time rather than waiting for the need to go. Usually every 2-4 hours.

3. Fluid and diet management: Cut back or avoid alcohol/caffeine/acidic foods. Reduce the amount of liquids you drink

If these techniques are tried for a few weeks and you do not see any improvement then you may require medications and will need to be seen by your doctor.

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