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Pauline, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Medical Doctor & Registered Pharmacist. Worked as Community pharmacist for 17 years.
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Recently the end of my penis has become very itchy and there

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Recently the end of my penis has become very itchy and there is a steady buildup of skin under the foreskin. Not your usual build up of smegma, but a constant build up. If i cleaned it 30 minutes ago, a significant build up had already started within those 30 minutes. I saw a GP on saturday who suggested it may be a fungal infection and i was perscribed daktacort cream to apply 2 times a day. i started it saturday afternoon and am continuing to apply the cream thinly to the gland and the forskin. Today i have noticed that the foreskin has become very tight, i have a slight pain when the skin is pulled back when not erect, but when the penis is erect, it feels quite tight and sore when being pulled back, and also like a burning sensation.
The itching has stopped ans the skin buildup has considerably decreased.
Just to add, over the past 6 months, my frenulum has torn twice, but no product was used to help the healing process. and no medical treatment sought.
I would greatly appreciate a quick response to my problem, as am unable to visit the gp untill friday morning.

This build up symptom does sound like a fungal infection and Daktacort is a good option however you need to give it time to be effective.

Having a tight foreskin could be part of the infection, but if it continues then we can discuss options for treatment.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

the foreskin was not tight at all until i started using this cream. i understand that i need to give the cream more time, but also i dont want my forskin to be this tight, is this a known side effect of the cream, ive had a nose online and theres no information. seeing as your a pharmacist, can i make sure im applying it correctly, spread a pea sized amount thinly on the gland and the foreskin twice a day?


A pea sized amount massaged into head, foreskin and under the foreskin is the correct method, apply after a shower and twice more each day.

Swelling of the foreskin is common with infection and is called balanitis. If the foreskin is tight when there is no infection, then different treatment is required.

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