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Dr. Anil
Dr. Anil, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  M.B.B.S.M.D with over 30 years of experience in this medical field.
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what are casue of pulsating pain on the upper left side of

Resolved Question:

what are casue of pulsating pain on the upper left side of the head. This pains feels like its associate with pressure in the left eye as well. Sometimes its a fluttery pain in the same location, almost as if the vessels are shaking.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 7 years ago.
Welcome to and thanks for your question .
Do you have associated stuffy nose ?
Eye strain ?
Stress and anxiety?
Since how long have you been suffering from?
Any history of hypertension,etc ?
Nausea and vomiting ?
Are you taking any medications ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No stuffy nose, however I have lots of drainage to the throat.


Eye strain....I where glasses but occasionally not where them which causes a little eye strain.


I work in education...I'm sure there is stress and anxiety but I am not aware of it...goes un-notice.


The head pain has been on and off for the passed two weeks...the scary thing is it is localized. Just one area. When I apply pressure to the area the sensation becomes a numb but a sensative feeling if that makes since.


Boderline high blood pressure...I was takin micardis. I haven't taken it for a while now. My blood pressure has been good.


No nausea or vomiting and no medications.

Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 7 years ago.
Well as you describe you need to be seen by a doctor for a clinical examination and undergo Blood pressure monitoring ,X-ray of paranasal sinuses for further evaluation .
Possible causes include -
Tension headache
In the meantime you should do saline gargles and nasal irrigation .
Do meditation , deep breathing to relieve stress.
Drink plenty of water and take proper sleep.
Take OTC NSAIDS like Tylenol , Motrin .However avoid frequent use .
I suggest you to consult your regular doctor for further evaluation and management .
I hope this helps.
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