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right left hand instead of ulnar nerve surgery

Customer Question

i have had ulner nerve surgery on my right hand 2 years ago, it has come back recently numbness and pins and needles in 4th and 5th fingers! can it come back..... i had the same feeling last year but in my left hand instead of ulner nerve surgery they found i had a spare rib which grew over my shoulder and t-boned into 2 other ribs which was compressing my nerve in my neck. i had all three rib bones removed, but i have problems with my ulner nerve since operation...... i also recently have had a x-ray on my left hip it has been causing me great pain and discomfort.... the pain travels down to my knee and shin area can it be connected ...
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  imdr06 replied 7 years ago.

the pain that travels to the knee and shin sounds like sciatica or piriformis syndrome.


i would suggest seeing an osteopath for both this and the ulnar nerve pain. i am an osteopath in the US, and i understand they are a bit different in the UK, but they can give many unique and non-invasive treatments without having to give medications.