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I have a history of stomach issues, resulting from

Resolved Question:

I have a history of stomach issues, resulting from post-infectious ibs: burping, stomach discomfort, etc. More recently (about a month ago) while eating I noticed a sharp pain in my throat. Since then the localized sore spot has never quite gone away, and added to it has been some general soreness in my throat that has moved around a bit, as well as burping that seems to especially irritate the original sore spot and my throat in general.
Probably compounding the issue has been 1) a very high local pollen count, 2) sinus drainage, and 3) a round of antibiotics that, while helping the sinuses, has made my stomach and burping worse.
I have an appointment to see a specialist, but he can't see me for several weeks. So I am writing to ask if I should be taking something in the meantime, either to help with the stomach side of things or to help perhaps coat my throat and promote healing there.... (Note: I can't take sorbitol. I am taking gas-ex without sorbitol, tums, and align.)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  luvtohelp replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome to I am pleased to assist you. sharp pains, soreness, and burning, and belching sound like acid reflux. There are over the counter medications such as zantac (ranitidine in generic) that work to take away the acidity of the gastric juice that caused pain and erosion when it flows up into the esophagus and throat. Symptoms may be worse when laying down (easy back flow), so pillows are useful and sitting up in the couch instead of laying down when watching TV, etc.

I do hope I have been helpful. I wish you all the best. It has been my pleasure.

Is there anything else? If not, please accept this answer.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

In the mean time, would you suggest gargling with salt water ... or will that just make things worse?


Expert:  luvtohelp replied 7 years ago.
I do not think that gargling will help since the problem is deeper down. It will probably no hurt either. There are over the counter remedies as I mentioned above. Tums and sorbitol are not likely to help a great deal either. Is there anything else?
luvtohelp and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you